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Bond Peptides GHK-CU Vial


GHK-Cu, a naturally occurring peptide, is renowned for its significant contributions to wound healing, immune function enhancement, and skin health. By stimulating collagen production, fibroblast activity, and angiogenesis, GHK-Cu facilitates potent antioxidant actions and signals for tissue repair, positioning itself as a vital peptide in dermatology and regenerative medicine research. Its implications for improving skin health, wound recovery, and antioxidative defense mechanisms are pivotal for advancing therapeutic strategies in animals.

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GHK-Cu is a natural peptide in human blood plasma, urine, and saliva. Research in animals reveals that GHK-Cu can improve wound healing, immune function, and skin health by stimulating collagen, fibroblasts and promoting blood vessel growth. There has been evidence that has shown that it acts as a feedback signal that is generated after tissue injury. It also suppresses free-radical damage and thus is a potent antioxidant.


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