What Makes Superfood Supplements “Super”?

If you’re imagining a dramatic movie score or a peppy theme song prior to reading this post, you’re not that far off. Superfood supplements may not be able to rescue you from all of your health woes. However, they can certainly give you an advantage while working toward new goals or just staying on track.

What are superfoods?

Superfoods are food items that are particularly nutrient-dense. Types of nutrients that can be found in superfoods include antioxidants, fiber, vitamins — like B, C, or D — and other plant compounds that our body thrives on from a healthy diet.

Eating a broad variety of whole foods (barring any dietary restrictions), including superfoods, is the best way to prevent a wide range of diseases and illnesses. In fact, if you want to build an impenetrable immune system, you won’t get there with just good genes or luck, but primarily good habits like healthy eating.

Furthermore, filling your diet with nutrient-dense foods, a.k.a. superfoods, is also the best thing you can do to accompany an active lifestyle. This is truer still if you follow a vegan diet, which may make it difficult to meet some types of caloric goals. You may also like to learn more about the best sports vitamins for all ages.

Types of superfoods

Superfood can be a bit of a misnomer depending on who you talk to. Some experts and dietitians prefer to not use the word, as it makes these foods sound like a simply cure-all, rather than an important weapon. That being said, what are some of these that you should look out for? Some of the best “superfoods” include:

  • Berries
  • Dark, leafy greens
  • Teas, like matcha
  • Nuts
  • Olive oil
  • Yogurt, a natural probiotic
  • Salmon
  • Spirulina
  • Turmeric

A good rule of thumb for anything above and any superfoods not found on this list: The richer in color, the better. Eating a “rainbow” of different foods is one of the easiest ways to ensure you’re getting proper nutrients.

What’s the best way to add superfoods to routine?

Being stuck in a rut with your routine — whether it be your eating habits or activity levels — may be hard to escape. On one hand, you may look forward to a change. On the other, it may seem like you have to alter everything at once. But that’s just not true!

Thankfully, adding superfood supplements, or more nutrient-dense foods to your routine can be done gradually, and you’ll likely feel the difference! This can be achieved with high-quality supplements from a trusted provider, or simply with more of the right food.


Many, if not all of the superfoods listed above can be found in supplements. Sure, you may not find powdered blueberries in your local grocery store. In this case, it’s best to choose actual blueberries. That being said, however, the important vitamins in blueberries will be present in a quality multivitamin instead, for example.

Other common supplements that make it easy to ingest superfoods options with spirulina — a plant-based source of protein with reported anti-inflammatory benefits, and turmeric, another anti-inflammatory. If you’re not a fan of capsules, powders, or tablets, however, you can also look for antioxidant-rich teas, like matcha. These are all considered supplements.

Au naturale

Or, if you’re a purist, and you just needed a push to peruse the produce section a little more, perhaps whole foods will be your preferred source of superfood supplements. And, if you have a hard time finding ways to incorporate new foods in your diet seamlessly, here’s a suggestion: A daily superfood salad alongside your preferred meal or as a snack.

Salad can be a loose term, as you can put whatever type of superfoods in it you would like. Make it sweet with greens, berries, and a drizzle of lemon and olive oil. Or, make it more savory, with some more greens, salmon if you eat fish, tomatoes (another superfood), and a few nuts.

The more creative (and consistent) you are, the more super you’ll feel! Of course, loop in a trusted healthcare professional before getting too crazy with any vitamins or supplements to ensure they’ll blend well your health stats and any other medications.

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