Are Women’s Supplements Effective?

When it comes to adding dietary supplements to your routine, of course, you want them to work. With so many options and promises on the market, especially for women, it may cause you to wonder, “are women’s supplements effective?” Finding ones that are effective will come down to choosing the right vitamins and supplements for you. Below, we’ve gathered some insight on not only the best supplements for women, but also who needs them.

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Think about yourself

You should begin any health or wellness endeavor by thinking about you. What do you hope to accomplish? When do you hope to accomplish it? Next, you should think about who (or what) can help you get there. Your healthcare provider of choice should be top of mind. Involving him or her in your health decisions — yes, even finding new vitamins — is important, especially if you have other conditions. And, if in-office visits stress you out, consider searching for a telehealth provider — there are many that specialize in different disciplines and offer service right over chat, email, or phone.

Finding the right vitamins and supplements for you, as a woman, will also require you to think about your age, metabolism, and activity levels. There are certain factors — like whether you’re pregnant or trying to become pregnant — that you should also keep in mind. This shouldn’t be new information. In fact, you’re probably familiar with some of the vitamins we’ll discuss in the section below. But, perhaps we’ll name a few surprises.

Best supplements for women

And, now, we’ll move on to specific supplements you should be taking (or asking your doctor about). If you’re not confident you’re getting the following vitamins from your diet, these supplements will be a great place to start.

Multivitamin for women

Of course, you can never go wrong with a multivitamin specifically for your gender or age group. Better yet, some brands offer vegan, gluten-free, or even organic options. Being picky will just help you narrow down your search, especially if you’re shopping for vitamins online.


Folate helps produce new red blood cells and protect you from anemia as well as a host of other major health problems. While it’s easy to find in leafy green vegetables, beans, and eggs, you may want to add it into your routine.


Not only is biotin great for your nails, skin, and hair, it completes some other important fundamental processes in your body. You can find it in supplements or also in cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and almonds, to name a few.

All the B vitamins

B vitamins are crucial, especially for active women. B vitamins help convert food into energy, so, naturally, they contribute to everything from eye and skin health to muscle tone and brain functioning.

Prebiotics and probiotics

You’ve likely heard of probiotics and their benefits on your digestive system (and overall health) — but have you ever heard of prebiotics? You can find them naturally in walnuts, dark chocolate, apples, and oats.


Though melatonin is known for promoting healthy sleep, it also helps with other hormones unique to women. If you feel (or are told) you need to up your melatonin intake, check out these delicious gummies from Social.

How to better protect your health and your family’s

Thinking, “are women’s supplements effective?” or creating a reliable supplement routine for yourself shouldn’t be stressful. After all, supplements are meant to help us supplement a balanced diet and regular exercise routine. Perhaps you can set small goals for improving all three, such as:

  • Take a lap (or an extra one) around your neighborhood after a meal.
  • Eat something leafy and green at least once a day.
  • Try to spend a few minutes of quiet time in the sunshine or in the fresh air.

And, if you find that you need to fill in some gaps with vitamins and supplements, you can shop our great selection right on our website.

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